Supercomputing Day 2023


Michael Mossal


Director Digital Transformation


Michael has been active in the IT sector in Luxembourg since the mid-1990s. During this time, he has always been involved in running IT companies or projects on a European scale, with Luxembourg as his base of operations. Before joining NTT, Michael served as the CIO/CDO of a Telco venture that operated in Belgium and Luxembourg and was mainly owned by the Luxembourgish Incumbent. At NTT, Michael is a Senior Digital Transformation Director and a local Executive Committee Member with a strong focus on innovation. In 2019, he was appointed to represent the region in the CTO Office of NTT Ltd. This role became a key success factor for NTT Luxembourg, to evolve from an already very successful country in Europe, into an innovation lab for the region fostering innovative leading European projects in the areas of Sports and Automotive, Aeronautic, Space and Healthcare. Today, Michael represents NTT New Ventures and Innovation in Luxembourg, continuing his dedication to driving innovation and success in the IT sector.

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